Webinar Jam Review

: Webinar Jam

Creator: Mike Filsaime

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webinar jam review

What Is Webinar Jam?

Webinar Jam is launching February 25, 2014 from creator Mike Filsaime and is a software that most online businesses can benefit from. Webinar Jam is changing the way you can create and host webinars online and is competing with top webinar software such as Go To Webinar .

Webinar Jam software makes it possible to host an unlimited amount of viewers in your webinar and has tons of functions that are available to use during the webinar that no other webinar software currently has.

How Can Webinar Jam Help Me?

Webinar Jam is a online webinar software where that gets past the typical barrier of 1000 people on a live webinar which limits the amount of money you can make from one webinar.

Webinar Jam is changing the way webinars are held and has made it is easier for the attendee to participate.

webinar jam review

Pros & Functions

  1. Functions through Google Hangouts which can hold an unlimited amount of viewers in your webinar
  2. Setting up a webinar takes only 1-2 minutes at most
  3. 20+ Tested sign-up/loading pages to choose from
  4. Able to run different offers during webinar – You are able to have your own offer, PDF or any web page you would like anyone in your webinar to view. They are able to easily click and download or continue to the page you would like without any trouble
  5. Have the ability to record your webinar to send out to your subscribers at a later time
  6. Count down page when your viewer logs in early so non of their time is wasted
  7. There is no software for your viewers to download for them to watch and participate in your webinar
  8. Analytics and reports to track sign up rate, sales from webinar, etc.
  9. Multiple Presenters are available for the webinar so the viewers aren’t confused who is speaking in the webinar is there is more than one presenter and the viewers can see by an icon showing who is talking.
  10. Many thank you pages to choose from to send your viewers to after the completion of the webinar
  11. Feature to remind your viewers by text message of the webinars start 15 minutes before starting
  12. Can plug into any auto responder software allowing the user to easily stay in contact with viewers

webinar jam bonus


  1. Not a free software, small cost
  2. TONS of Features to learn (Step by Step training area)
  3. Temporary discount until March 7th!

How is Webinar Jam Different than is Competitors?

Webinar Jam biggest competition is Go To Webinar and there are a few areas where the two webinar software are different. Go To Webinar has its viewers need to install software or log in through a phone number and it forces it’s viewers to enter in a unique code to enter.

THis makes it difficult for the average computer person to even get into the webinar and if you’re multi-tasking or driving then getting into the webinar is a pain. You have to remember the phone number to call and then the log in code and password and then they are finally in.

Then if they loose connection with there phone they have to start all over. Another problem with this is if the host looses connection during the webinar everyone is immediately logged out and the webinar becomes an epic fail.

Why Should I Use Webinar Jam?

Anyone that uses webinars with their business should be able to use Webinar Jam because it uses Google Hangouts as its platform which allows unlimited guests. On top of this, it has tons of features internet marketers can use to pull more profits from webinars such as call to actions, lead capture pagers, and much more.

Finally, the analytics are some of the best in the industry and will give it’s users the ability to track and perfect their webinar so they can make more money with less effort.

The webinar holder with the click of a button can add in offers or downloads for it’s viewers and everything is seemless and wont interupt the mojo of your webinar. Webinar Jam has attempted to give you everything the competitors do NOT and more at a more reasonable price.


Webinar Jam Bonus –

What’s Included?

  • One on One Coaching
  • Done For You SEO
  • $2k Per Day Formula
  • Instant Ranking Formula
  • Much more!

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